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Beastars Merch est la marchandise des fans pour Beastars anime Ventilateurs. Nous sommes #1 Vêtements et objets de collection. 

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Welcome to Beastars Store – Otaku Official Merchandise

Welcome to all anime lovers who would love to expose their support through the Store now. It was released with 2 versions: Manga and Anime. The series was converted into a television anime series by Orange, with the first season airing from October to December 2019.

The animation fashion is noted for its originality and is influenced by many characters. We have a wide variety of items which are completely inspired from Accessories, Posters, Backpacks, Bags to clothing including: T-shirts , Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Leggings, etc. Despite the fact that there are many locations to sell, you will have a hard time finding a place like ourshop, where we still offer a full selection of things and accessories!

If you are a passionate anime fan, you can construct a Bīsutāzu collection in your own house by selecting items from our collection.

Why choose Bīsutāzu T-shirt or Hoodie?

T-shirts or hoodies are smooth to pick out and easy to put on products. As a result, people are searching out Bīsutāzu everywhere, particularly T-shirts and hoodies.

In Japan, many style manufacturers have followed this anime and created their personal apparel collections. Here, we’re attempting to make things easy for everyone in the world.

The Beastars Official Merch Store – Our Collection

Our top store is a great place to find a range of sizes and types of this anime series. You can get t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, or mugs, as well as pillows, bed sheets, and other items, all of which can be customized to match our anime/manga series.

What is your favorite character? Explore your options in the Merch Store, where you’ll find goods featuring your favorite character. Place your order, and we’ll send it to you quickly and for free, no matter where you are in the world. You can shop with total confidence since we always examine orders and utilize payment methods that have been verified by the most reputable sources. Paypal, as well as credit/debit cards, are accepted (including but not limited to Visa, Mastercard, American Express)

Do you have any concerns about a failed delivery? Are the goods faulty or the delivery is late? Having trouble making a payment? Please contact us immediately at

The Mission Of The Fan Merch Shop!

At the Official Merch Shop, everything we promise revolves around the mission of attracting a large number of lovers that rarely sell a wide range of products and are all licensed

Nous voulons rendre hommage à l'artiste qui a réalisé cette œuvre d'art pour nous.

Our mission is to make those who come to our fan shop feel at ease. We are dedicated to putting our customer satisfaction first, treating them with the utmost respect, and providing them with the highest quality service they deserve. Our customer service team is always ready to assist fans with any questions that may arise.

The Plot Of This Anime:

L'histoire se déroule dans un monde d'animaux modernes, civilisés et anthropomorphes où les carnivores et les herbivores ont une différence culturelle. Legoshi, un énorme loup gris, fréquente la Cherryton Academy et réside dans un dortoir avec plusieurs autres étudiants carnivores, notamment son ami sortant du Labrador, Jack. Legoshi travaille comme machiniste pour le club de théâtre de l'école, qui est dirigé par l'élève vedette Louis, un cerf élaphe, et aide les acteurs du club. Sorti de nulle part, Tem l'alpaga est impitoyablement tué et dévoré au milieu de la nuit, provoquant un malaise et une suspicion généralisés parmi les herbivores et les étudiants carnivores. Simultanément, Legoshi a une rencontre fatidique avec Haru, un petit lapin nain, et commence à avoir des sentiments compliqués pour elle.

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