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Recommend: Top Doughty Anime Like Beastars

Several anime lovers were surprised by Beastars. Many others disregarded it because they thought it was a monotonous, cliched program that catered exclusively to animal lovers.

However, this series provides viewers with a wealth of ideas to reflect upon and apply to our contemporary environment, from prejudice to societal morals. Fans can identify with the characters because of how authentically the characters react to these problems.

In today’s blog post, we will be discussing some of the Top Doughty Anime, like Beastars anime, that you should check out. This list includes some well-known titles that are sure to entertain you. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Princess Mononoke Anime
A terrible battle between a demonic boar and the isolated village of Emishi is depicted in Princess Mononoke. Prince Ashitaka leads this conflict by risking his life to protect his tribe. Ashitaka gains demonic abilities after the demon boar curses his arm before it dies. Ashitaka is compelled to travel to the west in search of a cure as a result of this trade.

Princess Mononoke Anime - Beastars Store

As he arrives at Tatara, he finds himself in the thick of a violent argument between Princess San and Lady Eboshi of Tatara. Whereas the latter and the revered forest spirits are opposed to it, the former is encouraging deforestation. Ashitaka fights the dormant devil inside him while the opposing forces clash in a desperate struggle for survival, trying to bring harmony between nature and humans.

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2. Hunter X Hunter Anime
This anime series, like other shonen, presents its protagonist Gon Freecss and his comrades with a variety of obstacles and foes to overcome. This television series has a compelling plot, a strong power structure, and an amazing world.

While Gon doesn’t share Ashitaka’s joy for the outdoors, they both share a fierce fighting spirit and a desire to defend those they care about. In addition, every foe they encounter has extraordinary talents and will do whatever to obstruct them.

Hunter X Hunter Anime - Beastars Store

Hunter X Hunter does a good job of balancing its gloomy and upbeat moods. Our characters may occasionally compete in fun challenges throughout the series, but there will also be times when their lives are in danger.

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3. Sword of the Stranger Anime
Kotarou and his beloved dog Tobimaru are the subjects of Sword of the Stranger. They steal from innocent people all day long and engage in mindless conversation. Unfortunately, assassins looking to kill them for their misdeeds disrupt their quiet lives. They encounter Nanashi, a ronin, which provides them sanctuary so they can recover from their wounds while they are on the run.

Sword of the Stranger Anime - Beastars Store

Kotarou pays Nanashi to serve as their security while Tobimaru is healing, even though he is unwilling to aid them any further. Meanwhile, Nanashi, Kotarou, and Tobimaru are being pursued by a formidable swordsman. This swordsman desires to capture Kotarou in order to carry out the prophecy of his master. The anime centers on their trip through a dangerous world as a result.

Check out Sword of the Stranger if you’re looking for an action-oriented anime with a touch of cruelty and history.

4. Made In Abyss Anime
A world full of both beauty and terror awaits the young characters of the television series Made In Abyss. The creatures in this anime are fierce and have distinctive designs.

Our actors will spend time talking about their troubles with others and encountering folks with joyous spirits in addition to pursuing animals and avoiding predators.

Made In Abyss Anime - Beastars Store

Having said that, it will be thrilling to watch Reg and Riko, the game’s heroes, battle monsters. Some fans might be reminded of monster-hunting video games where you and your pals had to fight ferocious beasts to get their components. Check out Made In Abyss if you want a series with an engaging story and setting.

If you are interested in Beastars anime, you should read more information on the side to expand your experience. Remember to visit our shop often to get something new!


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